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Policies and Information

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Customer Agreement and Policies

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  1. Portland Party Bus agrees to provide the designated vehicle and a driver at the time, date, and location specified on the contract (additional hours upon availability). Additional time will be billed at current hourly rate. Portland Party Bus may, but is not required to reschedule a reservation upon Customer’s request.

  2. The following rules and regulations apply while in Portland Party Bus vehicle. Portland Party Bus may terminate the ride and the Agreement if any of the following rules are broken, or if Portland Party Bus deems it necessary for safety reasons.

    1. No smoking: All vehicles are smoke free. Failure to comply will result in a $100 cleaning fee
    2. No feet on bars or leaning/sitting on glass holders
    3. No throwing of items inside the vehicle
    4. No reckless behavior
    5. No playing with emergency exits
    6. Drinking is permitted, but no excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages, and no drinking by minors
    7. No use or possession of illegal drugs or firearms
    8. No illegal activities of any nature
    9. No requests for illegal or unlawful driving
    10. HAVE FUN!

  3. Customer is liable for any damage to Portland Party Bus’s vehicle, including any costs incurred by Portland Party Bus to clean an excessively dirty vehicle, or any loss of income due to negligence or carelessness caused by any member of the customer’s group or customer (examples: vehicle damages caused from smoking, burns, vomiting, scratches, broken glassware ($5.00/piece), stains, wrestling, kicking windows/mirrors, food or gum issues, and etc…). Removal of bodily fluids from the interior of the vehicle at anytime will result in a minimum $250 fee. All interior/exterior damages are the sole discretion of the driver. Portland Party Bus is authorized to charge the guaranteeing credit card for the expenses regardless and in addition to any prior understanding and agreements. If the guaranteeing credit card is not able to be charged for any reason, customer agrees to pay for the damages within 7 days from the event date. Customer agrees to pay for any collection expenses and/or attorney fees and costs associated with Portland Party Bus’s collection efforts.

  4. Customers may not attach anything to the interior/exterior of the vehicle(s) without prior permission from Portland Party Bus.

  5. Portland Party Bus is not responsible for any personal injury or damage to any property, including any lost or stolen property. Customer is liable for any and all costs (including attorney fees and other court-related costs), damages or liabilities incurred by Portland Party Bus due to Customer’s failure to follow the rules in this Agreement, negligence or willful misconduct, including any costs, damages or liabilities caused by the minor children of Customer.

  6. Portland Party Bus reserves the right to use recording devices solely for security purposes during any event.

  7. Portland Party Bus will endeavor to reach all destinations as agreed but is not responsible for delays caused by Customer or other events outside of Portland Party Bus’s reasonable control, such as weather, traffic, mechanical problems, or acts of God.

  8. This Agreement is governed by Oregon law. Any disputes related to it may be submitted to court for resolution. The parties agree that Oregon courts will be the exclusive jurisdiction. The party prevailing at court is entitled to a sum for its reasonable attorney fees and other court-related costs, as determined by the court, in addition to any other relief granted.


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Things You Should Know Before Making Your Choice

Avoid shopping around for a limousine service based solely on price. If something sounds “too good to be true,” it probably is. Do not let your special event turn into a nightmare. Do not trust phrases such as “Best rate in town,” “Guaranteed to be the cheapest service in town,” or “We will match or beat any other rates.” You are not buying an electronic devise from a big box store; you are buying an experience from a dedicated company that you will remember forever. Remember, you truly get what you paid for.

Price Should not be your Only Criteria

There are many variances of quality, features you receive, and price. If you shop exclusively on price, you could experience a limousine that shows up late or not at all, it does not have adequate insurance, the vehicle is poorly maintained, and you receive poor service. The only positive outcome to this scenario is you did receive the “Best rate in town.”

Competitively Priced and All-Inclusive Pricing

Portland Party Bus is competitively priced. Plus we are the ONLY limousine company in Portland that offers All-Inclusive Pricing. All of our rates include gratuity. Check out the competition if you don’t believe us. You will not find anyone providing the same STANDARD features as us for the same price. Our mission is simple; we are here to provide you with a memorable experience, and that is what you will receive.

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How far in advance should I book the Party Bus for my special event?

The easiest answer here is to book as soon as possible. There are many factors that might not allow for this however. When planning your special event, keep in mind possible busy times (i.e. wedding seasons, Holidays, proms, graduation, etc.) Remember your event is not booked until Portland Party Bus receives a deposit for it.

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The I Promise Program: Teen Passenger Limousine Contract

Teen driver car crashes remain the leading cause of permanent injury and fatalities in youth. According to statistics published by MADD & the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 2082 traffic fatalities during prom/graduation weekends in the year 2000 alone. Don’t put yourself at risk. Travel to and from your prom safely and in style, using Portland Party Bus. After all, a special occasion should be remembered for a wonderful time only. The following agreement is to help promote a safer special occasion for youth, parents, and Portland’s Party Bus when chauffeuring your children.

Download and complete The I Promise Program Form

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What is Required to Reserve or Pay for Party Bus Services?

There is a minimum deposit of $100.00 or 20% (whichever one is greater) of the quoted total price to reserve your event date, event time, and appointed Party Bus. Portland Party Bus must receive the deposit and a completeled contract before the vehicle is considered reserved. The balance is due before the event date.

To pay a deposit or balance by check or cash, deliver in person or mail form and payment to Portland Party Bus, PO Box 230198, Tigard, OR 97281, no later than 2 weeks before the scheduled event. You must still provide a credit card to guarantee this contract even if the deposit or balance is paid by cash or check. We can accept credit card payment for the deposit or balance over the phone or in person. The balance is due prior to the event date.

Feel free to call Portland Party Bus with any questions or concerns at 503-780-6973.

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If I Need to Cancel, What are the Proper Steps?

Cancellations must be received no later than one week before the scheduled event to avoid paying the entire balance due. All deposits are NONREFUNDABLE.  The balance due will be charged to your credit card for a reservation not canceled properly.